It provides a stable monitoring solution with convenient interface and upgraded performance.


With the expansion of the information age, the importance of security is increasing in all IT industries. Therefore, it is essential to have an optimal solution

to manage this comprehensively and detect anomalies more easily.

It provides an optimal solution that can be used for various purposes in various environments by collecting and integrating and managing

all logs that occur in the IT environment.


Reduced adoption costs

KPI Plan / Performance Comparison

Improved information security reliability

Operator OS access control

Enhanced log security

Deriving statistics-based KPIs

Monitoring and tracking anomalies,


Rapid log utilization

Reduced off-line work

Work ability

Applicable to various industries

Self-developed solution enables active

Provide customized solutions for customers


Integrated monitoring from system /

operator center Building a standard

management system with the environment

System access control log security and


Stable operation support


Introducing the integrated log solution HiveQueuePlus (HiveQueue Plus, HQP).

Provides an all-in-one monitoring solution with a self-developed solution of Commerce Stone's corporate research institute.

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