API Management


As a platform supporting safe and convenient access and disclosure of services inside

the company, this platform enables the creation of services in web,

mobile or cloud environments for convenient access to business data between internal applications or external partners.

Product Descriptions


Classify all assets as API and related assets in

the service.

Provide asset management function

webMethods API Gateway

DMZ security for back-end services and API.

Network authentication, flexible security rules and

threat prevention

webMethods API Portal

REST and SOAP API documentation.

Manage access to API. Analyze how to use the API.

Use the API portal of Software AG as a hosting service

using the webMethods API Cloud

webMethods Insight

Secure real-time visibility for service transactions.

Support monitoring to find the cause of SLA violations,

exceptions, and other service processing problems

webMethods Mediator

Policy enforcement, SLA monitoring, traffic

management, analysis collection, and product

warnings and events for downstream processing


Manage the entire lifecycle of the API,

enabling the design, development,

deploying and versioning of APIs

and services to be managed from

creation to disposal

Stable data communication by

preventing unauthorized service

calls through security access

Collect matrix information about

performance and SLA violations,

monitortime and policy violation

during service andcontrol of traffic by

analyzing usage history of API and Portal

Main Function

End-to-end tool chain

Provide secure access,

management and connectivity

to back-end systems as

a platform providing API

design, development,

deploying, virtualization,

publishing, and monitoring


Support internal and

external developers

Provide tools for on board

developers and collaborate

and search, test, and evaluate


Reduce development time

and costs by supporting a

community window for

external developers

Consolidate with

a single asset catalogue

Cataloged management in

one place for all APIs, services,

schemas, documents and

other related assets

Ratings for API are possible

after checking and testing API

Securely provision APIs

Provide user authentication,

data conversion and

connectivity to back-end

systems and services

Analyze API usage

Confirm page access per API

and visitor's geographic




API invocation

Enterprise Gateway

Threat protection

Denial of service protection

Trusted IP addresses

TMobile application protection

Mobile data synchronization

SQL injection protection

Antivirus scan


Runtime policy enforcement

Protocol switching

Request Response transformation

Identity and Access management


Performance monitoring and SLA

Traffic optimization

Conditional error hadling


Back-end services


Life cycle management

Policy enforcement

Asset management

User management

API publishing

API Portal

User registration

API documentation and testing

Access token requests

Community support


Analytics monitoring

API analytics

API publish




API provider

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