We have experience in building systems utilizing various open sources such as

Elasticsearch, ActiveMQ, MariaDB, Karaf, Camel, Spring, Hazelcast, Quartz, etc., and provide optimal solutions.


What is Open Source Software (OSS),

It is a software that releases the source code corresponding to the software's

blueprint for free through the Internet, etc., so that anyone can

improve the software and redistribute it.

Open source is able to actively respond to changes,rapid support for global standard

technologies, and increasing number of technical data sharing sites.


Low entry cost

Free download and modification

of source code / Redistributable,

low initial development cost

Fast and flexible development

Information through multiple open source

communities Technology development is fast

due to exchange


Open format and protocol use Ensure

interoperability between different software


Developers and experts around the world

Participated in the development of open

source and closed Stable compared

to proprietary programs developed

Introduction of main utilization technology

Easy to create commercially available Spring-based application with standalone execution

Spring Platform and 3rd Party library can be used with minimal configuration

Does not require XML code for configuration (simpler configuration than Spring Framework)

Real-time distributed search and analysis engine of Full-Text

High availability horizontal expansion

Information retrieval library in Java language based on Apache License

Free JSON format document support for HTTP Web Interface and Schema

Fast and reliable search and storage in big data-based systems

The most popular Java-based open source Message Broker

Supports JMS and various protocols

ActiveMQ API support for clients of various development languages

Clustering support ensures message broker reliability

Open source-based log collector

Efficiently collect and transmit large amounts of log data in distributed environments

Easily respond to failures and provide various recovery mechanisms in the event of a failure

Data can be processed via input to the basic configuration of Source, Channel

(data buffering by connecting Source and Sink), and Sink (save to data destination).

Distributed streaming platform for large, large message data

Send and receive data via Pub / Sub with Topic-based Broker

Scale-out scale-out as data is consumed

Java-based open source-based file storage system for storing and processing big data in distributed


When storing data, replication data can also be stored on multiple nodes to prevent data loss.

Streaming data access and processing

Data stored cannot be modified to maintain integrity (appendable to stored data)

Provides an interface for moving, copying, and deleting files

Typical Java-based In-Memory Data Grid

Store data in Key-Value form

Data is distributed and replicated across servers to prevent data loss.

Data can be stored using RDBMS or NoSQL

Fully open source API platform (providing a GUI environment)

API design and management capabilities that provide high productivity to API developers and users

High performance, high scalability for large projects

Provides usage control, access control, and security features

Provides monitoring and metering capabilities

Available in two versions

Free version of Kong Gateway and commercial version of Kong Enterprise

Various Plugin offerings enable you to install and use Plugin for contextual functions

Provides various API functions for API registration and management

Utilization and Application Technology


-OpenAPI (WSO2 API Management)

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