A platform that supports the creation of business applications quickly and easily by combining, managing, and monitoring business processes and

workflows according to the dynamic business changes of the company

Product Descriptions

MashZone NextGen Business Analytics

Service, real-time data visualization tool combines

data from different applications to create a dashboard

that can be displayed on any device

webMethods BPMS

Develop, operate and monitor business solutions that

combine process automation and workflow

management function


Integrate the business solution of architecture, design

and implementation with ARIS and webMethods BPM

webMethods Business Rules

Easily change automated rules

webMethods Mobile Designer

Quickly and easily create basic mobile applications

based on webMethods BPM and workflows

webMethods Optimize for Process

Provide real-time monitoring, warning and analysis of

process KPIs


Develop and run business applications

Create applications according to

dynamic business changes and quickly

change business processes to improve

collaboration between IT businesses

Manage tasks and teams

Improve business processes and

efficiency by eliminating costs and

manual intervention through

standardization within the company

Monitor business activity

Monitor processes in real time to

quickly identify problems with fast

response and predictive analysis

Main Function

Increase efficiency

Improve business processes

continuously and reach higher

levels of efficiency. Eliminate

time-consuming, error-prone,

costly manual interventions.

Promote standardization

within an organization to

reduce costs

Improve transparency

Monitor performance as

processes are performed.

Take action based on real-time

process analysis and insights

gained through the dashboard

Gain Visibility

Optimize employee

management to identify

bottlenecks. Provide visibility

of business processes to

customers and business

partners. Ensure that

processes run as they identify

opportunities for


Measure productivity and

predict what benefits can be

expected after a process


Improve quality

Ensure consistency and avoid

manual mistakes. Employees

follow the same optimized

and standardized process to

reduce costs

Change faster

Respond quickly to changing

business conditions. Identify

the agility to modify business

plans and develop new

applications faster.

Change business and IT plans

through flexible business rules

and process intelligence


Process worker

Task Management

Business Analyst


Process Execution







Complex Event


Enterprise Integration &

Service-Oriented Architecture

Business Process Analysis

Business Process Excellence Life Cycle

Operational Monitoring

Business Analytics


Cloud/(web) Apps

Packaged Apps


Application Servers


webMethods BPM process design

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